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The Caravan |  30 December 2020

Confronting Colonialism: The complexities of addressing the past while decolonising museums

The question is no longer what Britain’s colonies would have been without the Empire, but what Britain would have been without the exploitation of its colonies, and how to acknowledge and address this colonial past in its modern-day legacy. These uncomfortable memories of colonialism reside not only in museums born of the Empire but also in museums in the colony, and both need to confront this agonising legacy.

Interior of Bhau Daji Laad museum

Arts Management Quarterly Journal | 30 September 2019

In Flux: The Making of Indian Museums and their audiences

The article explores the reciprocal relationship between museums and its visitors with reference to India; how the museum through its institutional regulations, forms of addressal
and careful narrativizing shapes the visitor and her experience, and how the visitor actively negotiates, appropriates, and re-defines the museum to change its meaning, function and patterns of usage.

Rereeti | 02 April 2020

The Way Forward: Museum Education in India – Part I

I write on the larger trends, new approaches and inspiring ideas in museum education in Germany that might have relevance for large numbers of museums in India.

Dinosaur picture at Naturkunde Berlin

Rereeti | 05 May 2020

The Way Forward: Museum Education in India – Part II

In the second part of the article, I reflect on technology in museums and interactive spaces for young visitors.

The Local Germany | 02 January 2019

The female German artists who conquered the global art scene

We know a lot about men who were the Modern Masters of Germany but little about the women who rubbed shoulders with them to co-define modernity

Learning mathematics in a museum

Medium | 24 March 2019

Museum Voices #1: Mathematics in Museums

In conversation with Jana Göpper, doctoral researcher at Freie Universität Berlin and past Resident at Bode Museum, Berlin, we discuss the meaning and function of Mathematics and if it can be effectively taught in a museum.

Photo of MACHmit! Museum, Berlin

Medium | 13 October 2019

Museum Voices #2 : Learning in children’s museums

In a long conversation with Marie Lorbeer, ex-Director of MACHmit! Museum, I learn more about the history of the museum and its present challenges, the ethos of children’s museums and the idea of learning in a museum.

EducationWorld | 01 May 2019

Beyond the classroom

How can we facilitate better conceptual learning, deeper engagement with ideas and build capacities to confront complex 21st-century challenges?The answer lies beyond the classroom in a unique, informal setting — in museums and museum-like environments like heritage sites, art galleries, science centres, archaeological sites, bio-diversity parks and gardens.

Medium | 23 Dec 2018

The Great Museum Mystery : What to do when inside a museum?

Have you ever wondered what does one really do at a museum? Frowned at museums for being boring? Or disheartened at not being an artist, historian or an expert thought museums were not for you? Here I write three simple strategies to make museum experience more enjoyable and full of learning. No prior knowledge needed

Medium | 14 Jan 2019

The Great Museum Mystery: 5 Games to get the most out of a museum visit

In this article, I share 5 simple activities or ‘thought exercises’ that help provide structure to museum experiences, prolong observation and deepen cognitive thinking.
Since many of these games are played in groups or pairs, they provide an excellent opportunity to learn from other’s responses and create a memorable social experience as well.

Open India | 10 April 2012

Indian calendar art: the popular picture story

A picture speaks a thousand words.It effectively conveys in a single image to a discerning audience the historical, social, gender and political direction of the society in which it originates.

Art Reviews

Graveyards of utopia

Artsome | 09 July 2014

Graveyards of Utopia by Poonam Jain

Clark House looks transformed. Walls are flipped like pages in a story. Rows of meditative lines crawl on the wall. Numbers are tirelessly counted. And books swell up with feathers ready to take flight. With her first solo show at Clark House loftily titled Graveyards of Utopia, the graduate from Rachana Sansad, Mumbai is already being touted as an artist to note.

Artsome | 22 June 2014

Keep the Canvas Rolling, New Delhi Chapter

A huge canvas arbitrarily painted by a collective of artists to reveal a work in progress hangs in a silent vestibule waiting to extend the visual journey of Kashmir.

The body in Indian art

Artsome | 26 May 2014

The Body in Indian Art : Review of exhibition at National Museum, New Delhi

What happens when an exhibition is choreographed to weave a discourse within a complex history of a civilisation, that too around the most speculative and provocative subject of art- the body?

Everything is Inside | Subodh Gupta at NGMA, New Delhi, 2014

Artsome | 26 May 2014

Everything is Inside | Subodh Gupta at NGMA, New Delhi, 2014

Known for spectacularising the mundane and monumentalising the everyday to create an arresting, threatening and sublime work of art, Subodh Gupta’s mid career retrospective at the National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi curated by Germano Celant exhibits a series of works never introduced to an Indian audience before.

Artsome | 21 January 2014

L.N. Tallur’s “UKAI (Cormorant Fish Hunting)” at Nature Morte

A walk through a Tallur show guarantees a surreal play off on museum artefact with objects that bespeak a language of absurdities and tell tales of agony and anxiety.

Unboxed Writers | 09 January 2014

Grotesque Bodies, Dystopic Tales

Brooklyn based artist Chitra Ganesh’s first solo show in the city titled A Zebra Among Horses opened recently at Gallery Espace, New Delhi to include drawings on paper; a collage on board, a site-specific mural-based installation; and a text-based wall piece.

Of Myths, Fables And Fantasy

Unboxed Writers | 13 October 2013

Of Myths, Fables And Fantasy

Curtains part to give entry into the scene of the Last Supper when Christ discloses that one of his twelve apostles will betray him.