Museum walks

Designing special thematic walks in museums to make art accessible and fun!

Client: Delhi Walk Festival

What I did: Design and Conceptualisation, Research,Facilitation and Walk Lead

Date : 2016 – 2020

Since 2016, I have conceptualised and facilitated thematic walks in museums in Delhi around the theme of aesthetics, gender, and love. These walks are not general walkthroughs but walks curated to investigate a specific theme. 

The idea is take the participants through selected galleries and artworks, unravel untold stories, discuss artists and their language, marvel at the  beauty around us, and investigate, question, and  reflect on the ideas of the past to make connections and better understand our present. My walks have been offered as independent museum walks and as part of the  Delhi Walk Festival. 

My first curated walk in the series was ‘Love and Longing in Indian Art’ at the National Museum, Delhi. This walk explored the pluralistic idea and expression of love in visual art. We looked at the aesthetics and visual metaphors of love, and its relationship with gender, space and society. Have you wondered how lovers met before the age of Tinder, coffee shops and social media? Or where the oft-repeated association of rain and romance comes from in Bollywood? Has our attitude towards love and lovers always been so conservative? What is the place of crossdressing and same-sex romance in Indian mythology and society? Why are women in love always waiting?

The 2 hours long walkthrough comprised of in-depth looking and discussion of 12-15 sculptures and paintings from the 2nd century AD to the 19th century

My second walk in March was ‘Ladies only: Representation of Women in Modern Indian Art’ at National Gallery of Modern Art, Delhi. The walk directed the participant’s gaze to the sensual, exotic, depraved and divine representation of women and their bodies in visual art from pre-independence to the contemporary era.

The carefully curated walk took participants through paintings and sculptures representing women as well as artworks by women artists. The walk focused on how ideas of desirable and undesirable femininity is constructed, the changing notion of beauty and morality and how dissent is visually communicated to depict an alternative to traditional womanhood. 

I am humbled at the response I have got so far. I am thankful to my walk co- facilitators Adhitya Dhanapal and Shatavisha Mustafi who have supported me in the delivery of these walks.  

My walk Ladies Only : Representation of Women in Modern Indian Art was covered by Scroll Magazine.

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