Museum Learning Masterclass

Introducing the pedagogy of museums to school educators

Client: Private Schools in New Delhi

What I did: Learning Experience Design, Conceptualisation, Content Development, Workshop Facilitation, Team Lead

Date : 2017- 2018

Museum Learning Masterclass is a 3-hour long workshop to introduce school educators to a toolbox of professional skills and innovative approaches in museum learning.  Often, the responsibility of teaching and learning in museums for young school audiences remains undefined. Museum curators have insufficient pedagogical skills to address young learners while the teachers feel that they do not know the museum and its collection well. Museum Learning Masterclass was hence conceptualised to bridge this gap in museum education.

Drawing from internationally well known art education practices like  Project Zero at Harvard School of Education’s Artful Thinking Routines, the Masterclass introduces educators to object based learning (OBL) methodology and active learning strategies through demonstrations, discussions and role plays.

The Masterclass is conducted around select objects in the museum that are relevant and complement the school curriculum. Besides creative and fun activities centred on objects, I also share interesting stories and factual information about the museum and its collection. The format and selection of object was continually revised and evolved in dialogue with the educator-participants.

The Museum Learning Masterclass was conceptualised and spearheaded by me during my time as the Head of Learning and Pedagogy at Flow India.