Creative Coffee at Humboldt Forum

This August, I was invited by Stiftung Humboldt Forum im Berliner Schloss & Geschichte des Ortes as a speaker for Creative Coffee, a monthly conversation series with museum experts, to share my research & insights about learning in Museums. In my talk, I presented an overview of museum education in India, explored best practices inContinue reading “Creative Coffee at Humboldt Forum”

Kechla Diaries : Teaching first generation learners of the Paraja tribe

In Koraput, a poverty stricken district in India beset by an abysmal literacy and Naxalite insurgency a new idea is taking root. Over hundred first generation learners of the Paraja tribe are learning to name and number at a Free Progress residential school- The Auro-Mira Vidya Mandir.
A praiseworthy accomplishment for a community that has largely remained at the fringes of formal education. Yet there is something that is deeply disturbing.