A Stitch in Time

What people wear defines who they are. The multifarious identity of the people of India is nowhere more explicit than in the dress choices they make — women seamlessly transitioning from wearing an exquisite sari to slim fitting jeans, men teaming Nehru jackets with English shirts.

A peek inside: Culture Action Europe’s German Hub Meet

I had the fantastic opportunity of meeting the members of Culture Action Europe (CAE) in Berlin. CAE, based in Brussels, is the largest interdisciplinary forum for the non-governmental cultural sector in Europe. I summarise few of the many interesting points discussed during the two-day meet mottled with local and global news and statistics :

Kechla Diaries : Teaching first generation learners of the Paraja tribe

In Koraput, a poverty stricken district in India beset by an abysmal literacy and Naxalite insurgency a new idea is taking root. Over hundred first generation learners of the Paraja tribe are learning to name and number at a Free Progress residential school- The Auro-Mira Vidya Mandir.
A praiseworthy accomplishment for a community that has largely remained at the fringes of formal education. Yet there is something that is deeply disturbing.

The Visibility of the Invisible

Invisibility is a condition of existence for the marginal. Or rather the erasure of uncomfortable truth by the society’s fortunate.

The Local Tribute

Mumbai’s locals are at its best an excellent psycho- socio profile of Mumbai city. It bears witness to the city’s rapid pace running day and night scarcely pausing to rest just like its citizens who appear overdosed on energy pills.