Creative Coffee at Humboldt Forum

This August, I was invited by Stiftung Humboldt Forum im Berliner Schloss & Geschichte des Ortes as a speaker for Creative Coffee, a monthly conversation series with museum experts, to share my research & insights about learning in Museums.

© Humboldt Forum

In my talk, I presented an overview of museum education in India, explored best practices in museum learning through case studies & addressed the need for cross-sectoral learning for transformative change . In every example, each case study that I shared, the key to success was collaboration – collaboration within the museum as well as the community at large. Effective collaboration, I observed, was founded on three pillars- Trust, Good Design & Sharing Power .

There are no perfect answers or systems. The German & Indian museum landscapes are marked by similar challenges & resistances in the process of change. Though museums in India are often seen through the lens of failure & inadequacy, there is certainly a thing or two that European museums can learn from as well!

Thank you to all who came for the brilliant questions, sustained interest & warm smiles!

© Mayowa Osinubi